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Price: $50.00

As a private, nonprofit institution, membership is what drives the Historic US Route 20 Association (known as Association) to success on its mission to preserve and promote the many great sites along Historic US Route 20. As a thank you, Historic US Route 20 members receive a number of valuable benefits mentioned below! We invite you to take part in this journey, and help sustain this important nonprofit organization by becoming a member today. Under the Bylaws of the Historic US Route 20 Association membership is defined as: All individuals or entities who have been accepted for membership by the Board of Directors of the corporation and who are current in the repayment of their dues shall be deemed “active members” of the corporation. Active members shall be accorded full voting rights and other benefits afforded to members of the corporation in good standing. Hereafter, when only “member” or “members” is/are referred to in these bylaws, “active members” and “lifetime members” and “charter members” shall be referred to, and not honorary members. The Board of Directors of the Corporation may also create a sub-class of active members designated “charter members” of the corporation who shall be those individuals or entities would have made a greater contribution to the corporation than standard active members, as defined by the Board of Directors and who shall receive corporation recognition for their efforts as determined by the Board of Directors. Membership in the Corporation shall not be limited to “individuals”, but may also include profit or nonprofit corporations, general or limited partnerships, associations, or other entities. As referred to herein, any non-individual member is generally referred to herein as an “entity”. When applying for membership you may apply for the following which best describes your status: Standard Member - A standard member is an entity, who may apply for a basic membership with the Historic US Route 20 Association. Membership renewal is due annually from the time of receipt. As a Standard member, you will be entitled to the following benefits: Standard Advertisement – Your location will be linked and placed on our web site and a 1”x1.5” advertisement in our annual brochure. 100+ Brochures – You will receive a minimum of 100 brochures for your location. Additional brochures may be purchased. Travel Guide – Your location will be placed in our upcoming Travel Guide Book in text form and located on a regional map. Access to Paid Web content - you can access content on our paid website, including maps, geo-location travel pages and content that will detail all aspects of traveling Historic Route 20. Including maps, original routes, points of interest and see participating member locations that at accept the Route 20 Passport as you travel. A subscription to our newsletter: TWENTY - Upon receipt of membership dues, you will receive the quarterly newsletter of the Historic US Route 20 Association "TWENTY". Calendar of Events – You will be able to put your event on our calendar Participate in the Route 20 Passport Program - See info sheet A Historic Route 20 Sign Study plan for your town